We would be honored to partner with you in the education and care of your child. We believe that the success of our students and teachers is dependent upon a partnership between the teachers and parents. What is planted during the school day, when reinforced at home, harvests success. By choosing Third church for your child’s education, you have delegated a portion of your responsibility to us and we are privileged to have this opportunity.

The Enrollment process includes the following steps:
1. Call 314-868-9600 and speak with our Director to learn more about the programs and tuition rates.
2. Schedule a tour to help make the choice that’s right for you, download our comparison checklist.
3. Pay the non-refundable registration fee per child.
4. Complete the Enrollment Packet, read and sign your Parent Handbook.  Download enrollment form here: 2018-2019 Enrollment Package
5. Meet with the Director or Business Administrator to establish your payment schedule, pay first week’s tuition and one additional week deposit that is refunded when child leaves provided you give a two week notice.
6. State Assistance Only
a. Provide case worker with our DVN 002172367
b. Submit documentation of approval (Child Care Notification indicating care status, approval and expiration dates, names of children, and amount of sliding fee)

Please contact us for detailed information on our current tuition rates at 314-868-9600.
We know that choosing a preschool is a big decision and a large financial burden for many and that is why we make every attempt to keep our cost lower or competitive with other quality preschools. We offer an accelerated education program with experienced and dedicated teachers. We focus on the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the children in our care.

Please check out program and school information for more details.

Speak with our Director at 314-868-9600 ore send us an inquiry email to learn how Third Church Preschool/Youth Center can provide the best financial and educational value for your family.

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