Our Teachers

preschool-teacher-and-class-at-table-XLarge Third Church Preschool Teachers Have a Passion for Teaching

Although we could never love your children more than you do but our love for God gives us a tremendous amount of love for every child that comes into our facility. We hire experienced teachers that have a passion for kids and teaching that can create a loving environment that stimulates learning and creativity. Our teachers have over 30 years combined experience in the preschool/daycare industry.

Our Partnership

We would be honored to partner with you in the education and care of your child.  We believe that the success of our students and teachers is dependent upon a partnership between the teachers and parents. What is planted during the school day, when reinforced at home, harvests success. By choosing Third Church Preschool for your child’s education, you have delegated a portion of your responsibility to us and we are privileged to have this opportunity.

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