Diet & Exercise

baby eating apple Building Healthy Habits for a Healthy Future!

We know that kids learn their eating habits early and we want to have a positive influence on them so we have been certified as an Eat Smart facility. The Missouri Eat Smart Guidelines, developed by the state health department, are designed to boost the nutrition of children ages 2-12 and help them maintain a healthy weight. The guidelines include recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The Eat Smart program includes the following guidelines.

• All ready to eat and hot cereals offered contain 9 grams of sugar or less per serving as listed on the Nutrition Facts label.

• Sweet breakfast items, such as breakfast pastries, donuts, pop tarts, toaster pastries, waffles or pancakes with syrup, sweet rolls, muffins, cereal bar s and other sweet breads are served no more than one time per week or not at all. Foods served with syrup, jam, jelly, table sugar and honey are considered sweet breakfast items

kid eating vegs
• A whole grain food is served at least one breakfast per week.

• Fresh, canned (no added sugar), dried or frozen fruits or vegetables (excluding juice) are served at least three breakfasts per week.

• Only Low fat (1% or ½%) or skim (nonfat) milk is served, flavored or unflavored

• Limit highly processed meat, poultry and fish (including high fat and salty breaded meats) to two times per week. This includes chicken nuggets, fish sticks, chicken patties, pork patties, hot dogs, corn dogs, bologna, pepperoni, Polish sausage, breakfast sausage and sausage links, Spam, liverwurst, smoked sausage, salami, summer sausage, and other luncheon meats

• A whole grain food is served at least one lunch per week

• Fresh (raw) fruits or vegetables are served one or more times per week

• Juice is not served as one of the required fruit/vegetable servings at lunch or supper

Our Chef
Our chef prepares our meals from scratch daily. She takes joy in preparing healthy meals for our students whom she has come to know and love. Click on the menu sample to see a sample. MENU SAMPLE

Physical Activity
The U.S. is experiencing and increase in health risk due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Our goal is to help your Group Of Children Running In Parkchild get off on the right foot with nutrition and daily exercise. Each day, your child participates in one hour and thirty minutes of outdoor/gross motor skills activities and once a week they have a physical education class with fun exercises.

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