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As you are probably aware, the summer months bring idle time for many children in our communities. Third Church saw this idle time as an opportunity to engage some of these children with a Christian enrichment program and at the same time giving their parents the peace of mind that their children were safe.

For the past seven summers Third Church has offered to our community an eight week Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) from 6:30 am-6pm Monday-Friday at a low total cost of 500.   Third Presbyterian Church (TPC) is pleased to offer an affordable summer program for our community.

Listen to a message from Pastor Cedric A. Portis Sr. and see why this camp is special.

Our effort with this camp is to stop the seemingly endless cycle of violence, school drop-out and teen pregnancy rates that are plaguing our community by developing leaders, teaching moral values, teamwork and giving children a solid foundation as they face the pressures and temptations of the world.

To accomplish this goal, it is imperative that our VBC remain at this low cost. Many of the families who benefit from our camp are single parent households who could not afford a camp such as this one otherwise.  If not for our camp, these children would be supervised by not-much-older siblings or left unattended while their parents work during the summer months. This formula has historically been a recipe for disaster and our mission is to bring about a much needed change.

Please consider partnering with us as we make a difference in the St. Louis area!  You can do that two ways via a monetary donation or join us for our Golf Fundraiser (Golf Fundraiser Details).

For more information contact Pastor Portis directly at (314) 520-5962.

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